Karma is referred to as being the scientific law of ‘cause and effect’, the ‘As you sow so shall you reap’, ‘action and reaction’ or the more commonly heard phrase, ‘What goes around, comes around.’ If one does a particular action then there has to be a reaction to that action. If there is good action then one receives good reaction and if there is bad action then there is bad reaction. This very basically is the law of karma.

When people hear the word ‘karma’ they have different notions of what exactly it is.  Recently in a national broadcast on this subject, there were interpretations and commentaries from people from different walks of life. Buddhists, Hindus, philosophers and professors of Eastern Philosophy proffered their notions and ideas. For as many comments that were heard, there were as many varied opinions about the nature of karma.

The interesting thing on listening to these ‘so-called’ professional personalities was that each one of them chose a concept around karma that they felt comfortable with. They put forward belief systems that fitted with their own particular levels of comfort or discomfort.

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